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Angler order and services


Angler order and service regulation of Angler’s Club of Lake Lőrinte 2011.

On the Lőrinte reservoir fishers are bound to observe in the law - year 1997. XLI. speaking about fishery and angling - prescribed rules, and the established rules, catch prohibitions and bars of the local angler order.

Area permission: The area permit entitles for angling only between the mentioned (only in day time) periods. On the lakes of the Lőrinte reservoir (big lake, small lake) based on present angler order is allowed to angle with two rods, with two hooks per rods, respectively the authorized person (1 stick two catch skills) may angle with the fitment being equal to his angler permit. Child angler with the possession of the association's area permit with one swimmer angler skill is allowed to catch daily 3 kg of other fish (not noble fish) beside adult supervision.

- Beside the two fishing rods for  the catch of bait fish fishnet can  be used, but it is not allowed use a third fishing rod or bait fish lift net.

- The angling is prohibited on the rearing-pond.

- Prohibited is the use of fitment which is prepared for the aim of „raking”. On our angler lakes the usage of the churp lead and the zocker are prohibited.

- In case of coastal fishing the throwing of the fitment may happen only predendicular to the axis line of the lake (parallel/in line with the dams), except in case of the two bays.

- To pass the caught fish to someone else is prohibited.

- To pass or to exchange the caught fishes above the authorised number is prohibited, it is necessary to readmit them gently into the water.

- The weight (kg), the time of catch (month, day, hour, minute) and the place of catch (small lake, big lake) of the caught noble fish has to be registered promptly – (before the catch skill we would bait again, or we would set in again) - into the catch book. It is necessary to do the entry with ink, with a ballpoint pen. To amend in the catch book is prohibited. The weight of the carps has to be entered into the catch book based on the given  „carp lenght- and weight table”. In case of the rest of the noble fishes directly after the catch its measured weight - in lack of this information - its valued weight has to be entered. In case of other fishes the gross weight has to be entered in the catch book before leaving the angler place.

- Prohibited to take away carps with a bigger body length than 55 cm, grass carps with a bigger body length than 80 cm, breams with a bigger body length than 40 cm, and catfishes with a smaller body length than 50 cm.

- Prohibited to take away sturgeons.

- Hanlde with care with the caught fishes (which cannot be taken away), avoid any injuries. Prohibited to bridle and to keep them in landing net. After scaling and the photo they need to be readmitted into the water.

- Prohibited to keep the fishes in somebody else’s landing net, or to tie them far than 3 m from the angler place.

- Prohibited to make cover, the management may give a special permission for that, beside assuring eligible supervision.

- There is no close season for carps and catfishes. In other cases the national angler order is the normative, taking into account the local regulation and the case by case differing determinations.

- Prohibited to use bait fish, fish slice and to spin for fish between 15 February and 31 March.

- Prohibited to angle on the dam between the two lakes on the side of the small lake, and on the out- and inlet, and amongst the dam.

- Stop angling on that places where one after the other five times the caught fish is undersized or one after the other two times the caught fish is not allowed to catch.

- After fish stocking a specific or a general prohibition can be ordered, according to the ones announced on the billboard.

- Stocking fish into the lake is prohibited, only the management is entitled to this.

- Feeding from the boat or from the coast (on place keeping feeding) is only allowed with maximal 1 bucket – max. 10 kg – of fish food (soaked, cooked fodder corn) per day.

- Prohibited to feed with dry fodder corn!


Day ticket: For guest anglers day pass can be bought from 1 March to 31 October.

- The day pass can be bought at the fish protection delegate.

- The day pass entitles for angling between times (daytime) mentioned on it. With day pass it is allowed to angle only on the place defined by the fish protection delegate.

- With youth day pass it is allowed to angle with the catch skill defined in his permit, but the catch quantity and the day pass price is equal to the adult day pass one's.

- A guest angler may buy a daylong (24 hours) ticket on a price of 5000 Ft, but also in this case the quantity defined for the day pass anglers can be taken away.

- On a price of 4000 Ft boilie ticket can be bought.

- The fish protection delegate may withdraw the guest angler's day pass in case of disciplinary offence. The guilty guest angler may not get day pass for the rest of the year.


Night angling: The opportunity for night angling exists from beginning of May until end of October.

- For night angling, it is necessary to sign in at the fish protection delegate on any days of the given week beforehand either on the phone (+36 20-5513616) or personally but latest on the given day until 18 o’clock  with the indication of the angler place.

- The opportunity for night angling are in the above mentioned times with the following sharing: from 1 May until 31 October until 31 on the weekends, and the night before a high day united with a weekend, except from 1 July until 30 August, when all nights are possible to angle.

- The price of night angling is: - for guest anglers: 5000 Ft when buying a daylong (24 hours) ticket

- On the occasion of night angling the lakes can be approached and left only affecting the angler's camp, on the access road of Padrag.

- In the night the illumination of the angler place is obligatory! Prohibited to spin for fish in the night! The locomotion is prohibited in the course of angling!

- Int he night the boat can only be used for tiring, for releasing of a fitment, or for taking in the „stupek” (cat fish), it is not allowed to angle from the boat.

- In the occasion of night angling 2 pieces of sizable noble fish can be taken away.

- You have to provide bait fish before starting the angling.

- Start: after the end of the daytime angling.

- In the above mentioned times on the small lake only the angling of predatory fishes are authorised.

- It is necessary to log the catch result on the catch ticket, that the guest angler before leaving  has to hand over at the same time of the receipt of his pass, and also has to present his catch result.

- After 21 o’clock relatives or persons not taking a part in the angling may not approach the lakes.

- The caught fishes with higher weight than 15 kg - before readmitting - have to be reported to the fish guard.


Sport/Boilie/fishing ticket: /does not entitle for taking away the fish/

- Based on preliminary checking you can buy a ticket either on the website www.lorinte.hu or on the phone (+36304237677). Every year from 1 May until 31 October on weekends, and the high day united with the weekend and the this follower and the this preceding days, except from 1 July until 30 August, when every day is possible to angle.

- In case of buying a boilie ticket, it is necessary to prepay the angler ticket independently of the number of the days, it is necessary to preserve it, and when leaving it needs to be handed over. The reservation lasts from 12 o’clock to 12 o’clock.

- The prerequisite of the sport boilie angling is the usage of the carp mattress and the wound disinfectant!

- The boilie ticket is only valid for the big lake!

- Before starting of angling the mapping (radar) of the bed and the setting of buoys (tilting buoy with a rigid stem) is allowed, based on the previous negotiation (as marked on the map) with the river-watcher, max. 1 piece per angler position.

- The usage of a remote-controlled feeder ship is allowed for feeding and for carrying of the fitment.

- To angle is allowed only from the coast and with max. 2 sticks (in readiness you can keep more sticks).

- A youth angler may angle with the fitment being equal to his angler permit.

- To set up a tent on the coast of the lake is permissible.

- It is necessary to light the angler place in the night by flashlight.

- To carry in the fitment with a boat is prohibited!

- Boat can be used during angling for tiring, rescuing the fitment from the stopper, or for daily two times feeding / feeding in the morning between 06 and 08 o’clock or in the afternoon between 16 and 18 o’clock.

- Feeding with dry grain is not allowed.

- An important part of careful treatment of the fishes, is that – after  the weighing and photo taking - it is necessary to promptly return the caught fish into the lake.

- It is necessary to promptly register the data of the caught fish into the catch ticket. /for statistics purposes/

- To supply the caught fish with an any kind of marking, to label or to truncate is prohibited.

- Littering, and being loud is strictly prohibited!

- Fire lighting is allowed only on the predetermined places, observing the national regulations of fire lighting. The lighting of an unduly big fire is prohibited.


Borrowing of boats: Borrowing is possible from 1 May until 31 October.

- It is allowed to give out a boat only to anglers over 16 years old. Conditions of recourse of a boat are: non-alcoholic status, swimming skills or life jacket usage. Alcohol consumption during the usage of the boat is also prohibited! Children below 14 years may stay only in life jacket on the boat!

- There is a given number of boats on both lakes to be borrowed.

- Boats can be used after sunrise, from 06 o’clock, after buying a ticket.

- The unlicensed usage of the boats is qualified as a disciplinary offence.

- The rental of the boat is for whole day angling 800 Ft, for half day angling 400 Ft, and for feeding (max. ½ hours) 200 Ft.

- In case of renting a boat the guest angler has to give his angler pass to the fish protection delegate.

- From one boat max. 2 person may angle or feed.

- The cleaned boat should be brought back either in the morning latest until 13 o’clock or in the evening 20 minutes before sunset.

- The caused damage has to be payed by the angler.

- Fish radar and feeder ship can be used on the lake, while motor-boat engine not.

- It is allowed to feed from a boat or a feeder ship daily with 1 bucket – max. 10 kg - corn fodder (soaked, cooked, etc.)

- It is prohibited to use dry corn fodder for feeding!

- The angling from the boat is happening on the angler’s own responsibility.

- The river-watcher may deny the boat usage in case of adverse weather (stormy wind).



- To spread litter or to be loud on the lakeside or to harm the environment in any way or to pollute it is strictly prohibited! /it is qualified as disciplinary offence/

- There are no litter bins around the lakes, to setting out is prohibited, every angler has to collect his garbage and take it home.

- To start angling on a rubbishy place is prohibited, in case of a control the garbage found there is qualified as the one thrown away by the angler.

- The water pollution especially dead fish has to be reported by the angler promptly to the fish protection delegate or the lake host.

- It is prohibited to swim in the lake. It is prohibited to bath a dog or keep it on the waterfront in the way that it may disturb other anglers.

- Car wash is not authorised around the lake.

- The angler may not leave the sown skill unattendend when leaving his angler place, his skill has to be taken out of the water, it is not allowed to entrust somebody else with it’s keeping.

- It is the angler's right and duty to keep the rules and the angler order,to warn the ones who are violating it, to report the observed irregularities, furthermore to report the pollution of the coast and it’s damaging to a functionary or to an official organ (fish protection delegate, angler's club's management, etc.).


Angler places:

- The put out angler places are qualified as marked places on our lakes. On the angler places established on the marked places the proprietor, the person whose name is on the nameplate, enjoys priority, on their arrival for their request it is necessary to hand over the place.


Buoys: /tilting buoy with a rigid stem/

- To mark the feeded places is only possible with tilting buoys. (The club insures it in case of request)

- It is possible to place a feeder buoy (according to the regulation announced in the angler's camp) only after negotiation with the lake host to such places where it does not disturb others' angling.


Camping, fire lighting:

- In the occasion of all day long (min. 24 hours) angling for the time of the angling a windbreak umbrella or a tent can be set.

- To stay on the lakeside in the night - with the exception of the authorised night angling - is prohibited!

- Fire lighting around the lake is authorised only on the marked fire lighting places – considering the national fire ban - by MAL Rt and the management.



- On the roads leading to the lakes and around the lakes you can drive with max. 30 km/h.

- For the protection of the environment of our lakes and for the keeping of the general respectively the local angler order are the fish protection delegates employed by the association and the social fish protection delegates responsible together with the association's management members. The territorial border of the delegates' controll activity reaches until the end of the roads leading to the lakes where they cross the main roads. For control purposes if it is asked the angler has to show his angler permit, the daily catch and the motor vehicle. The control may happen during fishing or when leaving after fishing, considering the territorial border. All anglers has to follow their instructions.

- The person entitled to fishing has to keep with him his identity card, his angler pass, his state angler ticket, and his territorial permit and his catch diary during fishing, which have to be passed over for the request of the person eligible for the control, and the check of the angler devices and the catch has to be permitted of.


Angler ethic rules:

- The angler's ethic rules are those human behavioural norms, that the cultured man grants for others and expects from others.

- The angler society is judged based on the behaviour of the anglers at the waterfront.

- Hence: The cultured person is avoiding the consumption of alcoholic drinks before and during angling, which might be the agent of a bad accident on the waterfront or in the boat anyway.

- On the waterfront radio or tape-recorder are allowed to use only with earphones or with putting his volume onto minimal in order not to disturb others' relaxation. Prohibited is the shouting, the bluster and the other ones scandalizing vulgarity.

- The volume of the catch signal has to be set so high that it does not disturb the other anglers.

- On strongly visited angling places the later arrivals have to settle down in such a way that they do not disturb the others in angling.

- The occupation of known fed places is not ethical.

- The controls made in the interest of the protection of the fish head should not be considered as harassment, help the responsible work made by the controller, what is made in the interest of the honest anglers.

- The angler has to consider the protection of the environment, and its safekeeping as his obligation.


Angling times:

I. month 07:30-16:30                              II. month 06:30-17:30                      III. month 06:00-18:00

IV. month 06:00-20:00                           V. month 05:00-21:00                      VI. month 04:30-21:00

VII. month 05:00-21:00                         VIII. month 05:30-21:00                 IX. month 06:00-19:30

X. month 06:30-18:30                             XI. month 06:30-16:00                     XII. month 07:00-16:00


- The lakeside can be approached for the aim of angling 15 minutes before the above mentioned starting time and can be left 15 minutes after the above mentioned close time! The angler arriving or leaving earlier commits a disciplinary offence.


Size limitations:

Tench: 20 cm                                            Carp: 30 cm

Pikeperch: 35 cm                                      Grass carp, churp, barbel: 40 cm

Pike, catfish: 50 cm


Close seasons (ban seasons):

Pike: 15 February - 30 March

Pikeperch, churp: 1 March – 29 April

Barbel: 2 May – 15 June

the management may differ from this if needed, and informs the membership about this on the billboard.

Bighead carp: there is no size limitation

It is forbidden to take away sturgeons, carps above 55 cm, grass carps above 80 cm and breams above 40 cm.


Accomodation opportunities:

- from 1 April until the end of October based on a preliminary negotiation / www.lorinte.hu or on the phone: (+36/30/4237677)

- The Angler's Camp has 4 guest rooms resumed in 2008 (2 rooms with 2 beds and 2 rooms with 3 beds), 1 central locality admitting 25-30 heads, 1 well-equipped kitchen, and cold and hot water bath and toilet. The closed yard has a direct watersided and own pier.

- It is possible to inquire at the farm host on the phone number +36/30/4237677 or on the mail address szallas@lorinte.hu .

- Accomodation prize: for angler's club members 1500 Ft/person/night, for exterior private person 2000 Ft/person/night.

- Shower usage: /without an accomodation/ 500 Ft/occasion




Angler's Club's management


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